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Our Story

The year is 1994, a little girl sits glued to an action film that was destined to affect the course of her life. Enthralled by the actions of Meryl Streep as she masterfully navigates a raft down the epic waters of The Gauntlet, our 6-year old girl knew that this was what she wanted to do with her life. What film you ask? The River Wild.

That little, 6-year old girl was none other than Bonnie, co-owner of River Wild Adventures. She was inspired to follow her passion for white water, which progressed her career from a degree in Outdoor Education into becoming a freelance raft guide and expedition leader. Bonnie spent over a decade working hard for other companies, having a great time with clients and learning about what it meant to offer a great service.

After meeting and marrying Jen, who shares her love of all things water, Bonnie started to reignite the dream that started in 1994. She and Jen would spend long car journeys talking about what they could do together with their own company and the experience they would want to create. For a while it seemed like something “for the future”. However, in 2021, following the loss of a dear friend who was taken far too soon, the message of “Don’t wait, do it today, don’t expect that tomorrow is always going to be there” took hold. Bonnie and Jen decided it was never going to be the perfect time, all they had was now. So, 27 years later, River Wild Adventures was born. Thank you Meryl Streep – for everything.

And Claire, we’re going on an adventure with you.

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Our Team

At River Wild Adventures, our focus is firmly set on ensuring that you have an experience to remember, right from the moment you get in touch all the way through to you smiling and waving goodbye at the end of your day. We want to create an experience that makes you want to come back and maybe even tell your friends about us. A key to this experience is the guides that look after you.

We only want you to experience the best, which is why we only employ the best. If you want to know a little bit more about the people looking after you then feel free to click on the smiling faces below.


Bonnie has worked in the outdoor industry for over a decade, sharing her love for white water with hundreds of clients over the years. She found her way to rafting through her degree in Outdoor Education and knew that she’d found her home. It combined her love for white water with her desire to share the experience with others. Whilst operating as a freelance guide, Bonnie was able to build a vast array of experience and knowledge, not just of the activities but what the “best of the best” could look like. Her passion for customer service and memorable adventures led her to fulfil a lifelong dream – establishing River Wild Adventures! When she isn’t guiding in Scotland, Bonnie leads expeditions to developing countries such as Ecuador, Borneo and Tanzania for Camps International. Bonnie is also a committee member of the Scottish Rafting Association (SRA), who support and deliver good practice in commercial rafting for Scotland.

Favorite River:

The Garry (Inver) – because “it’s awesome and fun! It’s such a great river for surfing, which I love”.

Professionally trained and certified

We follow international training and safety standards to ensure your experience is fun and enjoyable!


As a mobile business, we are immensely aware that we require vehicles to support our trips. Whilst the shift to electric vehicles is something we greatly want to do, the development and availability isn’t quite ready for our needs. Therefore, we want to make sure that we’re doing what we can to give back.

This mindset ranges from the small details to the big steps that we can take. When we offer you a hot drink at the end of your trip, know that we’re using compostable cups to avoid adding to landfill. We also use eco-friendly detergents to wash our equipment to ensure that nothing bad is being added to the environment. Everything that is possible to recycle is recycled. And we have created a great partnership with a cause close to our hearts – Trees for Life. River Wild Adventures makes regular donations to their amazing work and we hope our contributions will only continue to grow. At this time we’ve requested that our donations are actively filtered into their tree planting efforts to make a dent in our current footprint.

Our donations have helped plant


trees up to date.